Carolina Raptors Basketball

Dear Friend: 


                  The North Carolina Raptors Basketball Club is a 501(c)3 organization which provides the opportunity for young men to grow and develop skills both on and off the basketball court. In 2002, The Raptors was formed and originated out of Asheville NC, but is now serving kids in Winston Salem, Raliegh, Greensboro, Greenville, Mt. Airy, Cary and High point, North Carolina. 


                 The organization consists of 9 boys'  teams, ages ranging from 8 and under players to 17 and under players. Many of these players have the potential to earn basketball scholarships to play at the college level. The oganization provides a platform for talented young men from diverse economic backgrounds to test their basketball skills on a national stage. Our program has a long list of former basketball players who have succeeded at the highest level. Most importantly, our organization provides opportunities for young men to develop the necessary skills in order to lead successful lves no matter what their ultimate destination. Throughout the basketaball experience, Raptors coaches offer youth the chance to discover the importance of personal attributes such as responsibilty, integrity, and determination.

               The funding necessary to cover costs for all teams associated with our organization is enormous, yet, the impact of this program as well as that of a college expeirence on a young person can be life-changng. Our  17 and 15 under teams hopes to play in front of collge coaches during a 12 -day trip to attend several national NCAA certified tournaments this summer. The total cost per player is approximately $650. We hope you will consider helping our youth reach their goals by making a donation.


Walt and Al Clement